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It is the attainment gap fallacy that is damaging the life chances of FSM children in the north of England and elsewhere

The ‘north/south attainment gap’ claimed to exist by The Sutton Trust, The Social Mobility Foundation, the DfE, the National Schools Commissioner and virtually the entire English educational establishment is a fallacy. The actions taken by the government to ‘close the … Continue reading

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The Sutton Trust defends its approach to the attainment gap

I have received this response from The Sutton Trust to my article questioning the ‘attainment gap’. Research by John Goldthorpe has shown that children of similar cognitive ability but different social origins have very different chances of educational success. Similarly, an … Continue reading

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Like any country, talent is spread evenly, it’s education and opportunity that isn’t – (or not)

Former Education Secretary Justine Greening has been speaking at the Sutton Trust. Former Education Secretary Justine Greening’s powerful words [that form part of the title of this article] at the Carnegie-Sutton Trust Best in Class summit aptly sum up the social mobility landscape Britain faces … Continue reading

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Bird’s eggs, common sense and school discipline

On 31 March 2018, I watched a BBC 2 Sir David Attenborough programme about birds’s eggs. Although I have only a modest interest in garden birds, largely through my granddaughters, I should not have been surprised at the profound implications … Continue reading

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Cambridge Analytica, Daniel Kahneman, the anti-Flynn effect and education

Every Facebook user should be aware of the business model of ‘free’ social media type services. It is to collect personal data and then sell it for the purpose of individually targeted adverts. If you interrogate Google, within hours you … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Now

The case for reason, science, humanism and progress, by Steven Pinker Book Review by Roger Titcombe. Steven Pinker is Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. I am a fan of Pinker and as well this, his … Continue reading

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Beyond the exam factory: alternatives to high-stakes testing

This is the title of a publication by ‘More than a score’. More than  a score is a broad coalition established by the largest teachers’ union the NUT (now part of the NEU), parents’ organisations, academic researchers, and specialist associations … Continue reading

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